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The ABC's of how to obtain a Russian Visa

19 May 2019 - Russian Visa Support

A) Order Visa Invitation

B) Apply for Russian Visa

C) Registration of Visa in Russia
All foreign nationals from non CIS countries are required to have a visa to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian visas can be obtained at a local Russian Embassy or Consulate. The steps that are needed to get a Russian visa are outlined below:

There are 3 things that you have to do to get and keep a Russian visa in good standing.


A) Order Visa Invitation
The first step to getting a Russian visa is obtaining an invitation (also called visa support). This  document  by an a licensed company authorized by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (tourist visas) and/or Russian Interior Ministry (Multiple Entry business visas).  

  • Tourist Invitation and Voucher Order Now! - from 20 to 35; 1 to 2 day processing time; (single or double entry, maximum stay 1 month);

  • Business Invitation Order Now! - from 90 to 120; processing time: 25 working days; (multiple entry 6 months or 1 year stay); note: (we have one of the lowest prices for business invitations on the Internet)

Depending on your type of visa and the country you are applying from, there may be a need to send the document by courier service, in which case there will be an additional fee to cover this expense.

We begin to process all requests immediately after payment and completed information is received by our St Petersburg (Russia) offices and customer support is provided 7 days a week to help guide you though the entire process.

For your convenience, you will be able to pay for your invitation with a credit card (Visa, MC) or by Western Union

B) Apply for Visa
Your Visa invitation and voucher will enable you to apply directly to the nearest Russian consulate for your visa.  You can call the consulate directly or check its website for it's list of required information.  The following is a typical list of required information:

See List of Russian Embassies and Consulates worldwide


C) Registration of Visa in Russia
Russian law requires visitors to register their visas within 3 business days of their arrival.  The end result of registration is a stamp (see photo above) on the back of the migration card that is given to visitors as they enter the country.  Failure to obtain registration can potentially lead to problems with local police or passport control when you leave the country, sometimes resulting in a small fine.  Real life examples include fines ranging from 1.50 to 20.  Regardless of the size of the fine, it's advisable to follow the Russian laws as much as possible regarding visas and registration.

Three ways to get your visa registered:

  • Large hotels will register you when you check-in
  • For those staying in private rental apartments, smaller hotels that don't have registration privileges, or private families, visitors can register through hotels or notary offices for a small fee, usually about 20.  Nevsky88 has a number of such registration contacts available and is always ready to help with your registration.
  • For those staying longer than 3 months have options to register through local hotels, notary offices or the local police department in charge of such issues (OVIR). 


Oksana's provides registration services for 20 for tourist visas. 



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