Updated nightlife reviews of St. Petersburg Russia.  Learn where all the best girls of St. Petersburg go out at night.  Entertainment, strippers, sex, bars, and lots of girls.  Nightlife reviews even include facts on where the prostitutes are so you can avoid or join depending on your goals.  Need a great date place?  St. Petersburg night clubs run the gamut from trendy to dives.  Exclusive night life review content written just for Oksana's. 
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Chuck offers his views of the nightclubs and bars in St. Petersburg from the perspective of an American ex-patriate in his mid 30's who has lived in Russia for over 4 years.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of St. Petersburg's nightclubs  which seem to open and close daily but is limited to his and occasionally our personal experiences.  Your experiences may differ from ours so we welcome your comments at info@oksanasapartments.com.


Chuck's comments


Bowling club. Dancing. Billiard.


Viborgskaya nab., 63 12 p.m. to 6 a.m.

A bit of a mind bending place. Upstairs is a fancy bowling alley (with erotic type dancers on platforms in the lanes no less). There is the requisite Russian casino, the requisite overpriced restaurant appealing to a rather unpleasant group of people, and a nightclub that a few years ago was one of the hotspots in the city. It’s not bad now, but pricey to enter at about $10 and drinks a little more expensive than others. This stupid Russian tradition of having to pay to sit at tables has to go. The service is confusing. Really beautiful, sexily dressed waitresses, seem to be every 10 feet EXCEPT when you want a drink. Then they are incredibly nowhere to be found. Tennis match factor (how often I snap my head back and forth to look at females) is about an 8 on a 10 scale. If you are staying on the Nevsky Prospect side of the river, make sure you are aware of the bridge opening times in the Summer.  www.aquatoria.ru   Update:  visited this club recently and really enjoyed it.  Very attractive and fun clientele. 

Port  Antonenko  Pereulok 2

M. Sennaya Ploshad

 til 6 a.m.

I was always told, "don't go there, bad people are there" as if that would keep me away.   Port has earned a reputation as a rave club complete with the drugs that go with it.  The always friendly St. Petersburg police are known to show up once in a while to say hi to the clientele in a rather aggressive fashion. 

Fish Fabrique 53 Ligovsky Prospect & 10 Pushkinskaya

M. Ploshad Vosstania

9 pm til 6 a.m.

(review by Victor, an American studying in St. Petersburg who has had friends and family rent from Oksanas )  I've been trying to get Chuck to come here with me for 2 years now, and I think I've given up.  Best club in city for live music.  Absolutely rocks, and a true experience in people watching.  Easy to get to by metro, and this helps draw a true St. Petersburg crowd, not the rich kid collections some of the nightclubs get.  www.fishfabrique.spb.ru

Golden Dolls

Erotic Night Club

Nevsky pr., 60

M. Gostiny Dvor

24 hours non-stop

A high end strip club featuring about 40 aggressive girls in a sardine sized bar. $20 cover gets you a future free entrance and $5 beers alone make it pricey, but the non-stop requests for 100 rubles from every girl walking by and $50 or more for any private stuff make this a place only for the freest spenders. On the bright side, the girls are something special.    If you have the self control to say  "nyet spaciba" (no thanks) to about half the girls, can be a lot of fun. 

Red Club     I've never been, so I can only tell you what I hear.  Large live music club with trendy local bands and some international bands.  Posters for upcoming bands annoyingly plastered everywhere.  Central location just off of Old Nevsky. 
Hollywood Nites

Dancing space. Concert hall.Casino. Bar.

Recently closed!!!!!!!!

Nevsky pr., 46

M. Gostiny Dvor

24 hours non-stop

With a tear swelling in my eye, I am sad to report that there will be no more Lady's nights on Wednesdays at Hollywood Nights.  A moment of silence please.  

Red Lion (Krasniy Lev) Spacious 4 room pub with large dance floor that gets good crowds on weekends and Tuesday Nights (ladies night).  During the summer it rocks pretty much every night.  The live music is pretty terrible, but the general atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly.  Lots of English speaking and very foreigner friendly management.  European football matches on large screen.  The only negative is that it's owned by one of Oksana's competitors :-(    Hint:  Russian service in general sucks, but find Ravi the waiter and let him take care of you.  You'll be amazed by him.  Tip him well; he deserves it.  If you can't meet a girl here on Tuesday nights, you might want to give up trying. 
The National Hunt


M. Morskaya ul., 11

M. Nevsky Prospect

12 p.m. to 6 a.m.



Casino. Night Club. Restaurant.

Bar. Billiard. 

V.O. Admirala Makarova nab., 2 24 hours non-stop

Large popular club that attracts great crowds on the right nights.  While it's no longer the chic club in St. Petersburg, it draws an upscale and beautiful crowd none-the-less.  Large dance floor, concerts, reasonably priced drinks and the usual array of background strippers are mainstays.   STAY OUT of the casino, they cheat!!!     Convenient right across the river from the Hermitage, but be careful of bridge opening times in the summer. 



Dekabristov pl., 1

M. Nevsky Prospect

12 p.m. to 6 a.m.

 Tribunal should be the quintessential expat and tourist hang out, but instead has become little more than a hooker infested ghost town.    I  object to the 110 ruble Russian beers when other bars charge 70.  Maybe the owner of the club will figure this out and suddenly realize why his place is empty 5 nights a week and only 1/2 full on weekends. 

Metro Ligovskiy pr., 174

M. Ligovsky Prospect

10 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

Metro has stood the test of time, a rarity in the Russian nightclub business.  Mega-sized club spanning three floors, each practically a club within a club. Cheap drinks and reasonable over though seemingly higher every time I visit. The first two floors fill up with the younger crowd, but the third floor is a little older. Warning: Don’t go to Metro if you are offended by 18 – 21 year old girls wearing close to nothing and having a great time. The tennis match factor here is a 10 on a 10 point scale.  Chewing gum is not allowed.  I'm serious.  You will be asked if you have drinks, weapons, or gum as you enter the club.   After you reply no, the will search you.  If they find gum, they will confiscate it and scowl at you.  Don't try hiding it in your underwear, they will find it.   I can't make this stuff up.  The only thing that sucks is that this used to be a very cheap club to get into and now it's about $10 if you come after midnight.    http://www.metroclub.ru  

Magrib Nevsky pr. 84

M. Mayakovskaya

night club: 10p.m.

cafe: 24 hours

restaurant:  24 hours

This club has evolved into one of the premier central locations.  Popular with both the trendy Russian crowd and the foreigner crowd.  The large restaurant in front serves as the mingling area, while the relatively small club is paced 5 nights a week with a pretty dynamic female crowd.  Two bars.  The front bar is surrounded by working girls, but the rest of the bar is a normal crowd.  Can sometimes be difficult to get service at the bar.  The nightclub is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Usually doesn't gets started until after midnight, catching it's groove around 01:00.  Cover charges can vary from 100 to 400 rubles depending on the night. 

Rossi Ulitsa Zodchego Rossi 1/3

M. Gostiny Dvor

10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

I was at Rossi one of the first nights it opened, and I prayed that the club would have lasting success because it is pretty much perfect in my book.  The good things:  Convenient location just behind Alexandrovsky Theater just off of Fontanka Canal, good music if you aren't in to Euro, trance, house or famous international DJ's, good atmosphere, pleasant unprencious crowd with lots of attractive girls.  The bad:  They have a house band that plays a few sets every night and they are soooo awful,  The club has gotten pretty popular, so some waiting in line, especially on Thursdays is common. 

Mono Raz'ezhaya ulitsa 12

M. Mayakovskaya

10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

It's supposedly a "former" gay club.  So for definitions, let's call it currently an "alternative" club.  Small without many thrills, it might be the spot for you if don't like the typical tourist spots and enjoy the alternative scene. 

Ostrov   ("Island") Leitenanat Shmidta Embankment 37

M. Vassalivski

to 6 a.m. Oksana's favorite club in St. Petersburg.  She might tell you it's because of the cool chill out room with the swinging baskets, the trendy but not obnoxious crowd, or the funky dance floor with the shower and fog machines, but I suspect it has more to do with the muscular barmen in tight t-shirts or occasionally without.    Cover charge is a bit pricey here at about $12.  Shows are moderately entertaining and service is good by Russian standards.  It's on the other side of the river from Nevsky Prospect, so the bridge openings and closings are an  issue.  Crowd is a few years older than many of the clubs, but still draws a very attractive group.  If you are planning on club hopping, it's a good club to hit in tandem with Plaza. 
Bada Boom Seems to have closed
Cardinal Large club that has taken all of Bada Boom's old business and added some of it's own.  Several stories, large parking lot.  Kind of a suburban club a good ways from the Center   I can't imagine too many foreign tourists visiting here, but if you are spending a lot of time in St. Petersburg, might be a great place to get away from the Center.  It's about a 30 minute ride from the center. 
Porga Closest thing to a fraternity basement I've encountered in St. Petersburg.  Porga is actually two separate bars that are next door to each other.  They feature two distinctly different themes.  in one of the bars, they hold mock weddings.  In the other bar, it's New Years Eve every night of the year.  Lots of fun, a little smallish and crowded but to many that's part of the appeal.  Considering the convenience of the location, you can't really go wrong here even if you don't like it.  Located on the west side of Fontanka Canal, a few doors north of Nevsky Prospect. 
Nevsky Melody Memories from my first visit:  1) Coat check guy extremely rude. 2) Rotten egg smell as we entered club.  3) Decor looks like used 1970's corner bar furniture from American midwest, complete with gum stains on worn carpeting.  4) Beer was stale and warm 5) Crowd was so depressing that the  40 year old prostitutes who forgot how to smile  in the communist era were highlights.   Draw your own conclusions.
Marstall (Konyushni Dvor) 5, Nab. Can. Griboedov

M. Nevsky Prospect

to 6 a.m. One of the originals in St. Petersburg, Oksana and I frequented this club because mostly because of the music despite it's seedy side.  Now, we avoid it because of bad experience after bad experience with the security guards, and the police who patrol outside like a pack of hungry wolves awaiting their next bribe.  Even the seedy side of the club, if that appeals to you has gotten pretty bad.  The background strippers, who used to be pretty spectacular are now quite pedestrian.  The hookers have been in the same spot for so long, they have butt grooves working on their stools, but the faces remain the same regardless even if the waistlines have been in constant growth mode.   My main issue with this club currently is that the security seems to be singling out people who don't speak Russian to give them a hard time about items and then forcing them to pay fines.   Nothing like a group of goons using physical intimidation to shake down its regular clients to make them feel welcome.   This despite the fact the management seems to encourage foreigners by offering free entrance with a foreign passport.   Guess the brilliant Security guards never heard of the internet.  Oh well!!!     We must not be the only ones to have given up on this club as the crowds have gotten worse and worse nto to mention uglier, older, and drunker.  Red Lion, Magrib, Rossi, Metro, and a few other places are all better and safer options currently in the Center, not to mention they all have better looking crowds and you don't smell like an ashtray the next morning. 
Money-Honey Apraksin Dvor, Building 13

M. Gostiny Dvor

Very popular with the late teenage crowd.  Three clubs in one, one the closest to a country bar / swing bar you'll find in St. Petersburg.  Every time I've ever been there, I've walked in thinking "wow, look at this place, this is cool," and then find myself leaving after an hour.  Maybe you will have more luck. www.moneyhoney.org
Vegas Manezhnaya Square 6 A large casino complex that has a sports bar on the second floor.  Several large screen TV's and a number of smaller monitors make it one of the very few places you can catch an American football game.  European football fills the house. 
Maximus Kirpichni Pereulok (just off Bolshaya Morskaya) 8

M. Nevsky Prospect

Strip club with advertising everywhere.  Sadly, I've never been.  I'm just adding it here as an excuse to have to go someday.  OK, I lied, I have been there.  And I'm still hoping to go back someday. 
Papanin Moscovsky Prospect 111

M. Moskovsky Vorata

Another club off the tourist circuit.  A ways from the Center, about 1/2 way toward the airport.  Fun atmosphere, big unpretentious crowd.  Housed in same building as M111 bowling center.   I wanted to return, but always remember how far away it is when its name gets brought up.
Jet Set Elite club from Moscow has opened it's branch in St. Petersburg.  Supposedly has stopped its Face Control which will avoid guests from embarrasingly being turned away.  This is the type of club that has fancy DJ's from other countries playing music you would normally never listen to given the choice.  Beautiful crowd that will not be impressed by you unless you look, dress and spend the part.  They also have an open air summer beach club in the suburb of Komorova on the Gulf Of Finland.  
Moloko Perkupnoi Pereulok 12

M. Alexander Nevskovo

Travel to Russia got you feeling energized and youthful again?  Go to Moloko and come back to reality.  Young! Very Young!  Very popular student "underground" club.  (note:  I must be stupid, but I never understood what is possibly underground about this place.  It's well known, been around for years, advertised, and on the 2nd floor of a building)  If you are college aged, you may like this place very much.  www.molokoclub.ru/ 
Alcohol Concept Beautiful crowd with requisite face control (dress nicely or you could be turned away).  Upstairs is a trendy hangout with couches and a nice balcony.  Downstairs is a nightclub with a revolving bar - the kind that always seems better when you draw up the plans for the bar than when it's actually installed.  Music is Euro - House like all the beautiful people clubs.  Mention this club to Oksana and she will always bring up the girl who brought her little lap dog to the club.  Why would you bring a dog to a club?  We are still trying to figure that one out.  Poor dog. 
CCCP Trendy cafe during the day and early evening turns into the hot afterhours spot around 05:00 in the morning.  I'm married, so not too many mornings spent here. 

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