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 Airport and Train Station Transfers

This page focuses on getting from the airport or train station to your destination upon in arrival in St. Petersburg.  If you would like to know about general transportation around the city, please see  my guide on Getting Around.


From Airport

St. Petersburg has one airport with two terminals (international and domestic) that are far apart.  The domestic Airport is called Pulkovo I and the international airport is called Pulkovo II.  They are located about 30 kilometers South of the City's Center.  Driving times by car can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on traffic. 

Transfer from Oksana's   Price for one way airport transfer  from Pulkovo I or II.
  • Oksana's  Clients (1 - 2 people)          35 euros  (payment at check-in)
  • non-Oksana's clients (1 - 2 people)    40 euros  (pre-payment required)
  • mini-van (3 - 5 people)                         50 euros
  • mini-bus   (6 - 12 people)                     60 euros 
  • Full bus  (more than 12 people )        Please Inquire about price

notes: The price is for a one way transfer between airport and city center.  Additions to a standard transfer such as picking another person up to bring to airport will have an extra charge based on time and distance.   The price is per vehicle, not per person.  

At airport, our driver will meet you with a sign with your name on it as you exit customs (international flights) or near the baggage claim area (domestic flights) and assist you with your bags to the car.   On the way to the city, our driver will notify our office of your progress so that somebody will meet you exactly as you arrive at the apartment, so there is no delay and no confusion over where to go.    

Taxi at airport There are many taxies at the airport.  The system for taking taxis has improved over the years and there are reputable desks which will appoint you a taxi for approximately 1000 rubles.   But be warned that there are still some remnants of the past with "mafia" taxis who will try to quote you exhorbitant prices.  If you would like to get a taxi from the airport, it's best to do it through one of the taxi desks unless you feel comfortable negotiating in Russian language.  Never get into a taxi without a pre-agreed upon rate.
Marshrutka There is a mini-van stand outside the airport that will take you to nearest Metro station (Moskovksaya) for 70 rubles or all the way to the Moscow Railway station on Nevsky Prospect in the Center for 100 rubles.  Departures are not based on a time schedule.  The van waits until it is full.  Often this is a very short wait, but sometimes it can take a while.  If you are comfortable you know your way around St. Petersburg, and aren't carrying too much luggage, this is a very economical way to travel.  You will likely be charged for an additional person if your luggage takes up a seat.   If this is your first visit to Russia and your Russian language skills are limited, the marshrutka experience can be intimidating and unpleasant.    It's very unlikely that the driver will speak any English or be helpful with questions.  It's a good chance one of the other passengers will speak some English, but this is probability and not certainty.  
Public bus Busses will take you to the nearest metro station for 30 rubles.   

* Note:  All of the prices for taxies, busses, marshrutkas, etc. are subject to change without notice, and frequently do.   Please view these prices as estimates and not facts.    The prices for Oksana's transfers are 100% guaranteed.  You will need Russian rubles to pay for taxies, busses, etc.  It's not advised to exchange money at the airport since the exchange rate is the worst in the entire city.  There are ATMs / bankomats in the reception all of the airport that will accept all major bank cards.  




From Train Stations

There are 5 long distance train stations in St. Petersburg.  A train station in Russian is called a "Vogzal."  All of the train stations are located near Metro stations.

Vogzal Trains to/from Location
Moskovski Moscow Nevsky Prospect, Metro Ploshad Vosstania.  (red line)
Baltiski Tallin, Riga Metro Baltiskaya (red line)
Vitebski Kiev, Odessa, more Metro Pushkinskaya (red line)
Finlanski Helsinki Metro ploshad lenina  (red line)
Warshavski Warsaw, Vilnius Metro Baltiskaya (red line)

Oksana's provides transfers from any train station by car (1 - 2 people) for  25 Euros or by mini-van (3 - 5 people) for 50 euros.   We will meet you at your train wagon exit with a sign with your name on it. 


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