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General Payment Information



  • A deposit equal to one night is required to reserve an apartment.  For longer stays, we may ask for a larger deposit amount.   Our REFUND POLICY:   Cancelations of apartment reservations more than 30 days prior to the scheduled check in date receive 100% refund of deposit.   Cancelations made less than 30 days, but more than 14 days receive 50% refund of deposit.  Cancelations made less than 14 days before scheduled check-in time are not entitled to a refund.  If you have any questions about this policy, please ask us at  prior to paying for a deposit.  
  • The balance of payment is due at the time of move-in. 
  • A security deposit equal to one night's stay may be requested.  This is returned when you check-out of the apartment, the keys are returned, and the apartment is in the same condition it was when moved into other than normal wear and tear. 

Visa Support /  Tickets / Flower Delivery

  • Payment for these services must be made in advance. Please note that train tickets can only be refunded by the Train Ministry (office at the train station) and that they require the actual passport (no copies allowed) of the ticket holder in order to receive any reimbursement.  The train ministry does charge a penalty for canceling or exchanging a ticket and the percentage is higher towards the date of the trip.  We are not responsible for what penalty they assess, and frankly, we don't understand their formula well enough to try to explain it.      

Translating / Tour-guiding / Airport Transfers

  • These services are to be paid at the conclusion of the service on a daily basis.


Payment Methods:

  • Credit cards.        We accept Visa / Mastercard / American Express.  All credit card charges have 3% added to them to cover the cost of bank processing.  Charges will appear on your statement as "Oksanas". Payment by credit card can be made in two ways.
  1. Payment can be made through our secured online processing page at:      In order to make payment online you will first need to know how many euros to pay.  If this is not clear from your communication with us, please ask.  
  2. Payment by credit card can also be made by completing and either faxing or scanning and e-mailing an authorization from.  (credit card authorization form).   If sending payment from outside of St. Petersburg, this can be faxed or scanned and e-mailed to the number or address listed on the form.  To complete the authorization form, you will need to know the amount of rubles to authorize charging.  Please ask and we will calculate at the current exchange rate including our 3% processing fee.   Credit cards with security systems that require the physical presense of the card to be used such as Maestro and Electron cannot be used with authorization forms. 
  • Paypal.   Payment by paypal can be made also at  3% processing fee is also added to all amounts in Paypal to help us cover the cost of processing fees we incur from the bank. 


  • Western Union.     Deposits and pre-payment can be made by Western Union.  To send Western Union, please send an e-mail to to inquire about necessary payment information.    If you are not familiar with Western Union, please understand that this company does charge high fees for it's services, often times equal to 15% or more.  


  • Cash.       When paying in person, we prefer if you can pay in cash.  Euros, US Dollars, and Rubles are all equally acceptable.  Important:  Euros and dollars we accept must be in good condition, without tears, writing, or ink stains.  In general, you will find it difficult to exchange worn bills of any currency anywhere in Russia.


  • Bank Transfer from Russian Company.    Oksana's is a licensed Russian company registered with the Tax Ministry.  Please provide us with your Requizita (bank information) and we will fax an official invoice to you within 1 business day.












  • Bank Transfer from outside the country.   We will accept a bank transfer, however we generally do not like to be paid in this manner because it takes approximately 2 weeks for us to be able to confirm funds with our bank.  In the interim, your account would not be considered paid yet.   If a bank transfer is really the only payment method that will work for you, please write us and we will provide you with our account information.  



* Please note that we do not accept Travelers checks of any brand.  We can provide you the location of banks where you can cash travelers checks.  You will need to show your passport to do this. 



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